Types of card machine

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Countertop card machine

Connect your card machine to your till

Your card machine and till don't need to be strangers. You can easily connect our countertop card machines to your point of sale system using cloud technology. This simple connection is called integrated payments and it allows you to take quicker, smarter payments. And the best bit? It's all part of our service.

With your till and card machine connected, there's no need to key in transactions twice. Say hello to faster payments and shorter queues.

The One is our countertop card machine for retailers that only need tillside transactions. It's tethered to your till with Ethernet connectivity for fast contactless, Apple, Google and credit and debit card transactions. It's also got a built-in thermal printer for fast and reliable customer and merchant receipts.

No more cashing up headaches. Your sales transactions will add up, saving you time. And our free weekly reports help you keep business on track.

Advantage Pay Countertop Card Machines

Portable card machines

Portable card machines, also known as portable PDQ machines are becoming increasingly popular for small business owners as they're agile to their different day-to-day needs and prioritise the customer experience.

Portable card machines are completely wireless, handheld devices that you can carry around your cafe, restaurant, salon, bar or hair salon. They use your Wi-Fi to process speedy and secure transactions. And they have a 10-hour battery life so you can say goodbye to pesky plug sockets and inconvenient cables.

Just charge up your battery, connect the machine to your business' Wi-Fi network (like you would your mobile phone) and enter the unique activation code we send to you. Then you're ready to start accepting payments - it's that simple.

Advantage Pay Card Machines

Mobile card machines

Discover the freedom of taking fast card payments on the go.

If you're a business owner that needs flexible payments, look no further. We've got mobile card machines that work without wires. You can take speedy card payments with a 3G/4G enabled SIM card connection, so you're never bound to one place.

Mobile card machines are the perfect match for businesses that take payments to their customers - restaurants, cafes, bars, beauty salon owners; you name it. They're perfect for the hospitality industry as waiting staff can settle tables quickly and efficiently with integrated Pay at Table technology. This cloud-based software links your till to your card machine. And when you're taking payments from the roof terrace, a beer garden or pulling pints on a boat, you'll always have a reliable connection. But whether you're on the move or not, mobile card readers provide all business owners with the peace of mind they need to take payments when their Wi-Fi fails them. So if you have an internet outage, or your Wi-Fi doesn't quite reach a particular part of your building, you can switch modes and continue to use your card machine, as usual, no problem.

Advantage Pay Mobile Card Machines

Take faster payments

Process card transactions 80% faster than the industry average. Shorter queues mean happier customers
and a till that won't stop ringing.