About Us

At Advantage, we provide a personalised multi scoped service, designed to make your business as simple, cost effective and efficient as possible so you have more time to do what you do best, "run your Business".

Founded with a deep understanding of the UK payment industry at its core, Advantage's goal is to empower hard-working businesses to focus on the things that really matter to them - by seamlessly taking care of the things that don't.

From helping you trade to getting you paid, we go all out to develop beautifully intuitive tools that simplify the everyday - and take the hassle out of running a business. And we do that while providing you with a sleek, next-gen card machine that lets you take payments 80% faster than the competition.

We can even log into your device remotely to help out when you need a hand, Our friendly UK team are passionate about delivering the best possible support for you and your business

About Advantage Pay

Manage your Multy Business
with more Confidence

We focus on providing a service that exceeds customer's expectations, yet remains straightforward,
easy to understand and great value for money.